Muxro Attendance v1.0


Location Based Attendance System

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Muxro: The Secure and Automated Attendance System
Muxro is a revolutionary attendance system designed to streamline your workflow and ensure accurate record-keeping. Built entirely on Google Sheets and App Script, Muxro offers a user-friendly web application form that eliminates the need for manual attendance tracking.

Key Features:

Automatic Location Capture: Muxro automatically detects the user’s location upon opening the form, ensuring transparency and preventing fraudulent attendance.
Secure Selfie Verification: Enhance accountability with Muxro’s selfie capture feature. Users take a selfie at the time of marking attendance, adding another layer of security.
Automated Attendance Marking: Eliminate manual data entry! Muxro automatically records attendance with the time and calculates the distance between the user’s location and your office.
Detailed Reporting: Gain valuable insights with Muxro’s comprehensive reporting suite. Generate reports categorized by presence, absence, duration, and even in/out times.
Cost-Effective and Scalable: Powered by Google Sheets and App Script, Muxro provides a cost-effective solution that scales seamlessly with your organization’s needs.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Free yourself from tedious attendance tracking tasks and focus on what matters most.
Increased Accuracy: Muxro’s automated features minimize human error and ensure precise attendance records.
Enhanced Security: Location capture and selfie verification deter fraudulent attendance and promote accountability.
Improved Transparency: Gain complete visibility into your workforce’s attendance with detailed reports.
Easy Implementation: Leverage Google Sheets and App Script for a user-friendly and scalable solution.
Muxro: The smarter way to manage attendance.


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