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Muxro Leave Management System v1.0: Streamline Leave Requests and Approvals
Muxro Leave Management System v1.0 offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for managing leave requests within your organization. Built entirely on Google Sheets and App Script, this system simplifies the leave request process for employees and streamlines the approval process for managers.

Key Features:

Simple Leave Request Form: Employees can easily submit leave requests through a web application form. The form allows them to specify leave type (half-day or full day), duration, start and end times, reason for leave, and reporting manager.
Automated Email Notifications:
Upon submission, an email notification is automatically sent to both the employee and their reporting manager for acknowledgment.
The manager’s email includes an approval button, allowing them to approve or decline the request directly from the email.
Real-Time Approval Updates:
The employee receives an email notification informing them of the manager’s decision.
All approved and declined leave requests are automatically recorded in a Google Sheet for easy tracking and reporting.
Monthly Leave Reports:
Generate instant reports to view a live count of leaves taken each month. This provides valuable insights into workforce planning and resource allocation.

Improved Efficiency: Reduce cumbersome paperwork and streamline the leave request and approval process.
Enhanced Transparency: Employees receive real-time updates on the status of their leave requests.
Reduced Administrative Burden: Automate email notifications and data recording, freeing up valuable time for HR and managers.
Increased Visibility: Gain instant access to monthly leave reports for better workforce planning.
Cost-Effective and Scalable: Leverage Google Sheets and App Script for a budget-friendly solution that scales with your organization’s needs.


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