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Muxro Field Tracker v1.1: Empower Your Field Force with Real-Time Visibility
Muxro Field Tracker v1.1 is a powerful, Google Sheet and App Script-based system designed to revolutionize field force management. This innovative solution leverages Telegram and Google Maps API to streamline communication, track employee activity, and optimize operations.

Key Features:

Effortless Trip Management: Start and end trips seamlessly using the intuitive Telegram bot. Track traveled kilometers and gain valuable insights into field activity.
Streamlined Communication: Eliminate communication hassles! Muxro Field Tracker facilitates two-way communication through the Telegram bot, allowing field executives to receive and submit information in real-time.
Customizable Forms: Adapt Muxro Field Tracker to your specific needs. Integrate various forms, including order forms, convenience requests, emergency reports, resolution forms, and more, directly within the Telegram bot.
Real-Time Location Tracking: Gain complete visibility into your field force’s location with Google Maps API integration. Monitor their movements and ensure they’re on track within the Google Sheet.
Location-Based Attendance: Simplify attendance management with Muxro Field Tracker. Leverage location data from the Telegram app to automatically record attendance, eliminating the need for manual check-ins.
Cost-Effective and Scalable: Built on Google Sheets and App Script, Muxro Field Tracker offers a budget-friendly solution that scales effortlessly with your growing team.

Enhanced Productivity: Empower your field force with a centralized platform for communication, trip management, and data collection, boosting their productivity.
Improved Operational Visibility: Gain real-time insights into field activity with location tracking and comprehensive data capture.
Optimized Resource Allocation: Make informed decisions about resource allocation with clear visibility into employee movements and workload.
Reduced Administrative Burden: Simplify attendance tracking and communication, freeing up valuable time for both managers and field executives.
Increased Team Accountability: Foster accountability with transparent location tracking and automated attendance recording.

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